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Facial wrinkles are a result of the natural aging process. Over time, the skin loses its ability to repair itself as the underlying elastin and collagen fibers break down. Heredity, UV exposure, and repetitive facial movement can all contribute to the development of facial wrinkles and folds.

ArteFill is the first and only PDA-approved non-resorbable wrinkle filler for the correction of smile lines.

  • Immediate, visible results with no downtime
  • A simple, in-office procedure
  • Excellent safety profile
  • Results improve over the course of several months and stand the test of time
  • Usually requires only one or two treatments

ArteFill® contains PMMA microspheres and purified bovine collagen gel with an anesthetic for comfort during injection. ArteFill is a dual-acting injectable wrinkle filler that provides immediate and long lasting results.

First, ArteFill visibly corrects the wrinkle. The microspheres then provide the permanent support your skin needs for enduring wrinkle correction.

Before your initial treatment with ArteFill, a skin test must be administered 4 weeks prior to screen for an allergy to bovine collagen.

If you have previously used temporary dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and fat, then you know they are eventually absorbed by the body and require frequent repeat injections to maintain correction.

ArteFill is different. The unique microspheres in ArteFill are not absorbed by the body and provide the permanent support your skin needs for long-lasting wrinkle correction.

Depending on the depth of their wrinkles and folds, most people get the results they want with one or two treatments.

With ArteFill Progressive Enhancementâ„¢ (gradual wrinkle correction), you and your doctor can tailor a treatment program to meet your individual needs. This personalized approach helps to ensure you get the results you desire.


Call our office at (718) 253-2053 to schedule an appointment. Special arrangements can be made for some procedures & emergency cases.

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