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    Dr. Eliot Y Ghatan is a board certified dermatologist with more than 20 years of experience in dermatology & cosmetic surgery!

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    We offer a wide range of dermatology services and treatments. We work closely with all of our patients to provide the ideal care for any skin condition.

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    We are dedicated to delivering expert care for all diseases of the hair, nail and skin. We also specialize in Botox and laser rejuvenation

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  • Serving Brooklyn for over 20 years

    Dr. Ghatan has served as a dermatological surgeon at the Brooklyn Veterans Administration Hospital and as a consulting dermatologist at Maimonides Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center

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    We design your treatment plan to meet your individual needs

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  • Skin Disorders Solved

    We specialize in African American skin disorders and complexion problems

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Hair Removal

What Preparations are necessary before treatment?

We recommend that you stay out of the sun–a recent suntan or sunburn can sensitize the area and can adversely affect treatment effectiveness. It’s recommended that you don’t engage in active tanning for three weeks prior to treatment.

The area to be treated must be shaved free of all hair. Also, treatment area should be absolutely clean of any lotions, creams, makeup, sun block, perfume or any other chemicals or skincare products. These can cause allergic reactions, and can impede the transmission of light, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

What happens after treatment?

Hair will continue to grow after your treatment. Some of these hairs are being expelled from the newly disabled follicles, and some are from dormant follicles entering their active phase after the treatment. Therefore, you could expect a gradual decrease in hair density as treatments continue.

We use the most advanced, most effective technology and protocols available to deliver the optimum result possible.


Call our office at (718) 253-2053 to schedule an appointment. Special arrangements can be made for some procedures & emergency cases.

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