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Torn Earlobe
(Earlobe Repair)

Earlobe repair procedures are performed to repair torn, split, or stretched earlobe piercings resulting from accidents, injury, or wearing heavy earrings for a prolonged period of time.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of a stretched, enlarged, or fully or partially torn earlobe, you are likely to benefit from an earlobe repair procedure.

How is an earlobe repair performed?

During an earlobe repair, Dr. Ghatan first injects the stretched or torn earlobe with a local anesthetic to numb the area. The specific technique that Dr. Ghatan then uses to repair and reconstruct your torn earlobes depends on the extent and complexity of your earlobe damage.

Usually, Dr. Ghatan removes any scar tissue from the split or stretched piercing that would otherwise prevent the repaired earlobe from healing smoothly. Once the scar tissue is removed, Dr. Ghatan uses fine stitches to close the earlobe.

What is the earlobe repair recovery?

Recovery following an earlobe repair is simple and straightforward. After the procedure the area is going to be covered with a small gauze. It is advised that you do not sleep on your ears or place any pressure on the repaired area until the sutures are removed after about two weeks following your earlobe repair surgery. You can resume normal exercise and activity almost immediately after your earlobe repair procedure.

When can I re-pierce my ears after an earlobe repair?

You can re-pierce your ears about 4 weeks after an earlobe repair procedure.