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1226 Ocean Parkway
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(718) 253-2053

Ethnic Skin Care

Providing skin care for healthy and radiant results involves carefully considering all aspects of skin type and the unique needs and cosmetic goals of every patient. Our office provides comprehensive and advanced services to address the specific dermatological issues and concerns of patients of all ethnic backgrounds and skin tones.

The responses of different skin types to aging, environmental factors and healing can vary and need to be treated accordingly. Furthermore, certain skin problems are more common in men and women with skin of color. Whether the issue is uneven skin tone, acne scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, keloids, bumps and blemishes, dry and sensitive skin, flesh moles, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, tattoo removal, or other skin conditions and needs, we offer the professional care you require to achieve a brighter, more even-toned and healthier complexion.

All our treatment is customized to achieve optimal results and provided with specialized laser technology and methods of care that are designed to address sensitivities and requirements individuals with skin of color including:

You can rest assured that the appearance and health of your skin is in the best of hands at our office. Offering the latest solutions in dermatology treatments, we provide outstanding solutions in care.