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Scar Treatment

What causes scarring?

Scarring is an integral part of the body’s natural healing process after a trauma, injury, surgery or conditions such as acne or chicken pox.

As the skin heals, it may form lumps (hypertrophic or keloid [painful growing scars]), abnormal pigmentation (hypopigmented or hyperpigmented scars), red scars (vascular scars with too many blood vessels). Some scarring is caused by abnormal healing unique to an individual patient such as keloid scars. Acne can cause different kinds of scars, i.e. pitted scars. Chicken pox typically causes ice-pick scars. when the skin’s pigment cells are damaged, darkly pigmented scars and white scars result.

What treatment options are available for scars?

Several options are available to treat any type of scar. Laser scar removal and other scar removal techniques can reduce and improve the appearance of scarring on the face and body. Laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are used to soften lumpy scars, remove abnormal brown pigment, and reduce or remove redness. Fraxel laser operates by removing damaged skin on the surface while stimulating new collagen deeper in the skin. These two modes operate together to improve the elasticity, texture and tone of the skin. For scars that are inflamed, the Nd:Yag laser can be used to diminish the blood vessels that are causing the inflammation, so that the scar is less noticeable. There is no “down time” or recovery time necessary following laser scar removal.

Soft tissue fillers (Bellafill, Radiesse, including permanent fillers), work well for depressed acne scars and areas where injury has caused tissue loss and dimpled or indented the skin.

Will my scar be removed?

Scars are not completely “removed”. What one can reasonably expect is that the appearance is softened and lightened to make scars less noticeable. The effectiveness of treatment will vary depending on the individual nature of each scar, and healing of the individual.

What treatment options currently exist for acne scars?

Topical treatments, chemical peels, dermabrasion, microneedling, and laser resurfacing are among the current available treatment options for acne scars. however, these treatments may be associated wtih significant downtime. It can also take a significant amonut of time before their results are visible - and they often lack rigorous, controlled data to support their safety or efficacy.

Bellafill is the only filler on the market that's approved by the FDA to treat acne scars. It offers a new hope and treatment choice to millions of Americans affected by this skin condition.

Who are the best candidates for Bellafill?

Bellafill is appropriate for patients age 21 and older who may have acne scars on their cheeks. Bellafill is effectiveo n men and women of all skil types, but a quick skin test is required to ensure patients aren't allergic to any of its ingredients. Consult with a licensed provider to determine how Bellafill may work for you.

Is Bellafill safe?

Yes, Bellafill is the only dermal filler FDA approved for the correction of mederate to severe atrophic, distensible facial acne scars on the cheek in patients 21 years of age. Bellafill has been proven to provide both immediate and lasting results in rigorous clinical studies and demonstrated effectiveness, safety, and high rates of patient satisfaction.

As with many injectable fillers, you may experience bruising, itchiness, pain, swelling, redness, discoloration, lumpiness, bumps, acne, or increased sensitivity at the treatment site. These side effects usually go away by themselves within a few days.

How frequently do you have to get injected with Bellafill? What is the upkeep?

Bellafill is a lasting solution. In a clinical study on acne scarring, safety and effectiveness was demonstrated through 12 months. In a seperate clinical study on nasolabial folds (smile lines), its safety and effectiveness was established through 5 years. Your licensed provider can give you the best recommendations on how Bellafill can be used to achieve optimal results.

Does Bellafill only treat facial acne scars?

No, in the US Bellafill is also approved for the correction of smile lines through 5 years. In a recent clincial study, 83% of Bellafill patients were satisfied with their results after 5 years of treatment.

Scar treatment

Gentle and effective treatment for new and old acne or surgical scars anywhere on the face or body

Laser scar-revision treatments are minimally invasive with faster recovery than from more aggressive lasers. This allows the positive psychological impact of scar revision treatments to be realized much sooner and with less downtime.

Harnessing the medical power of light

Lasers are ideally suited for the effective treatment of a wide range of scar tissues. For hypertrophic and keloid scars, Dr. Ghatan can achieve substantial improvements in the aesthetic appearance and overall tissue quality of a scar, including reducing redness, volume, and overall appearance. In many cases, further improvement can also be obtained using a gentle ablative Er:YAG skin resurfacing laser procedure. Acne scars in particular respond well to Er:YAG treatments, and Dr. Ghatan will recommend a treatment protocol specifically for you.

Recommended: 3-6 sessions for mild to moderate scarring

Recommended: 6-9 sessions for moderate to severe scarring

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